Elephant farm.com Best elephant show for advertise your business.

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 We have experience more than 10 years about elephants.
 Elephant can advertise your business.

   1. Elephant can join your circus.
   2. Elephant show for welcome the important guest.
   3. Elephants show their intelligence.
   4. Elephant show in a motion picture/advertisement.
   5. Opening for new product/place.
   6. Greeting to anniversary ceremony.

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Land of elephant

My Elephants
Elephant Group
Some of their show
-Elephant Sing song.
-Walking on big pipe.
-Take bottom for   drinking.
-Play Horahook.
-Walk like train.
-Run over men.
-Elephant drive golf.
-Draw art picture.
-Elephant Turn back on   woodboard.
-Elephants Concert. etc.

Our Show